Global Recruitment

Due to the development of our company, now it plans to recruit related personnel in colleges and universities.

International Trade Department

1, Bachelor degree or above (including bachelor); majors of International Economy and Trade or English majors.

2, Being able to skillfully use OFFICE software.

3, Having a strong ability of learning; having good foreign language communication skills; having a strong ability of cooperation; with a strong sense of responsibility and work hard.


1, Bachelor degree or above;

2, Having basic knowledge about pharmacy and pharmaceutical analysis; Be familiar with laboratory instruments, basic physical and chemical inspection, as well as microbial and biological tests;

3, Having a good ability of communicating, coordinating, planning and organizing.


1, Pharmaceutical or related majors, bachelor degree;

2, Be familiar with Chinese laws and regulations and familiar with GMP regulations;

3, Having been engaged in quality management in the pharmaceutical factory; Having quality supervision and management experience about the formulations, injection and oral solid preparation;

4, Be familiar with the principles of process and equipments for the pharmaceutical industry; Having a good ability of analysis and judgment; Having team spirit and innovation spirit;

5, Be honest, responsible and cautious.

Technician in workshops:

Pharmaceutical or related professional college degree or above; Under 40 years old; Be familiar with the operation regulations of GMP; Having the experience of technology management in producing injection, small volume injection, solid preparation (tablet, capsule, granule); Working hard and be dedicated.

The probation period is three to Six months. If the probationers pass the examination at the end of probation period, they can sign a labor contract with the company. From then on, start to pay for the fives Insurances and one Housing Fund. The company provides free room and board

Other technicians with different records of formal schooling, the salary are negotiable.

Person to contact: Manager Xiang, 0532-86629999;

You can send your resume to