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Urokinase manufacturer : the role of collecting urine

  Main uses of urine:

  1. Research and development of enzyme preparations

  Human urine is rich in proteins such as urokinase and ulinastatin. According to the current technology, about 100-150g of crude urokinase can be extracted from one ton of urine. This type of drug is widely used in the fields of medicine such as thrombotic diseases, enzyme inhibition, anti-inflammation, and improvement of microcirculation, and plays a very important role. Urinary protein is produced by human kidney tissue cells, exists in urine, and is provided to pharmaceutical companies after simple extraction. This is only the first step in the production of raw materials, and it will not affect the safety of pharmaceuticals in the later stage. At the same time, it can solve the environmental protection treatment of urine in schools and improve the quality of campus hygiene. It is a beneficial project for curing diseases, saving lives, and utilizing waste. And enterprises can also obtain economic benefits by collecting urine and extracting pharmaceutical ingredients, achieving a win-win situation of economic benefits and equipment benefits.

Urokinase manufacturer : the role of collecting urine

  2. Green organic liquid fertilizer

  Add different types and different quantities of probiotics to urine and process it into farmyard manure through microbial technology, which is used for urban landscaping, vegetable orchards and home planting special green organic liquid fertilizers, plant nutrient solutions, etc. It not only reduces the difficulty of urban urine treatment, but also achieves sustainable recycling of ecological agriculture, with high ecological benefits. However, the economic benefits of direct fertilization with urine are relatively low. After all, there are many substitutes that can be used as fertilizers, but there are few substitutes for drugs such as urokinase.

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