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Urokinase manufacturer: Can you earn millions a year by collecting urine?

  In recent years, with the construction of civilized cities across the country, the sanitation environment of public toilets has also been improved. However, pharmaceutical companies that extract urine from public toilets and produce urokinase injections for cerebral thrombosis are facing a shortage of raw materials. In foreign countries, the domestic production of urokinase injection has shrunk, seriously affecting the rescue and treatment of patients with cerebral thrombosis.

  From a bubble of "urine" to a medicine for treating blood clots, urokinase has mainly gone through the following steps:

Urokinase manufacturer: Can you earn millions a year by collecting urine?

  Urine collection in public toilets in schools→processing of crude urokinase→recycling supplier of crude urokinase→finishing of crude urokinase (pharmaceutical factory)→pharmaceutical sellers→hospitals and pharmacies

  The above-mentioned links of urine collection and crude product processing are often together. As long as the urine is settled, then purchase processing equipment and receive relevant technical training, the crude urokinase can be processed. If it is sold directly to pharmaceutical factories, there may be a phenomenon that the accumulation cannot be sold for a long time and the capital turnover cannot be opened. Therefore, the vast majority of crude products will choose to sell to large crude product processing companies in the industry after processing, and let them recycle.

  Affected by the market environment at home and abroad, the price of crude urokinase is also rising year by year, especially during the epidemic, school holidays, crowd isolation, and urine collection are even more difficult. A few years ago, the profit of a meal of urine was about 2,000 yuan, but since last year, the profit of extracting urokinase from a meal of urine has reached more than 2,000 yuan! Now a school with 2,000 students can make hundreds of thousands of profits a year!

  Coupled with the current situation of national water shortage, all provinces have introduced relevant water-saving policies to encourage enterprises to build water-saving projects. Urine from public toilets needs to waste a lot of water resources. If the urine in public toilets is made into a hidden transformation and collected, on the one hand, it can save a lot of water resources. Industry economic development.