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Urokinase manufacturer: Development History of Urokinase Public Toilet Urine Collection

  Since the 1970s, research institutions in my country have used Urokinase for clinical trials. Since then, some people have made money by collecting urine to extract Urokinase. During the period from the 1970s to the beginning of the 21st century, urban and rural housing in my country was limited by conditions, and there was no independent toilet. Whether it was an urban residential area or a rural residence, there were basically public toilets. In addition, flush toilets were not popular, and sanitation was simple. The environment brings convenience to the collection of urine to process and produce Urokinase.

Urokinase manufacturer: Development History of Urokinase Public Toilet Urine Collection

  In my memory, there was always someone collecting urine with a trumpet in the village, and every household used the urine collected for a few days to change the basin and paper. There are all kinds of plastic buckets under the male urinals in public toilets in urban areas, which are filled with urine and are collected and replaced by special personnel every evening. This is the conventional way to collect urine for Urokinase in the past. During this period, urine was easier to collect, and domestic production of Urokinase exceeded demand. At that time, the price of a 100,000-unit Urokinase injection was less than one yuan. Many domestic companies process urine into crude Urokinase and sell it to European and American pharmaceutical companies. Pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad process the crude product into Urokinase high-quality injection for the pharmaceutical market. At that time and even now, the export volume of "crude urokinase" from China still accounted for a considerable proportion of the total amount of Urokinase raw materials in Europe and the United States, and even some European countries depended entirely on China's exports of Urokinase raw materials.

  But in the past ten years, with the construction of urban commercial housing and the improvement of housing conditions, every household basically has its own independent toilet, and the number of public toilets in the community has gradually decreased, and even the shadow of public toilets has disappeared in many communities. The reduction and disappearance of the number of public toilets, coupled with the popularization of flush toilets and the improvement of citizens' awareness of hygiene, have made urine collection a difficult problem. The production of Urokinase has been greatly reduced, and the supply has been in short supply for a while, and the price has also risen year after year. Many people collect urine to produce Urokinase Crude companies have set their sights on public toilets in schools, factories, or service areas, but compared with before, the source of urine is still greatly reduced.

  Difficulties in urine collection lead to a shortage of Urokinase crude product, and few companies extract Urokinase crude product, which is the reason why the life-saving medicine is unsustainable. Once there is a large-scale shortage, the consequences will be disastrous. Urokinase is currently a specific drug for the treatment of thrombotic diseases, and there is no better and cheaper thrombolytic drug that can replace Urokinase. The price of imported Urokinase is higher, and ordinary people cannot afford it.

  In fact, the extraction technology of Urokinase is not difficult. Basically, you can get started after three days of studying at our company. The environmental site requirements are generally one to two hundred square meters. Compared with other factories, the investment in Urokinase is low. Depending on the amount of urine, the initial investment is several The price ranges from 10,000 to 100,000, and it has high economic benefits. It is an entrepreneurial choice for township enterprises and rural families.