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Urofollitropin Instructions: How should I take it?

  The urofollicle-stimulating hormone is a prescription drug, which must be prescribed by a doctor according to the condition and taken according to the doctor's advice, including usage, dosage, and time of medication. Do not self-medicate according to the drug instructions. Injections should be completed by nurses in the hospital, do not use them at home.

Urofollitropin Instructions: How should I take it?

  The dosage and regimen of treatment must be determined according to the specific conditions and needs of each patient, and urine estrogen determination and ultrasound examination of follicles should be performed.

  Subcutaneous injection is often used, 75 to 150 IU per day, for 7 or 14 consecutive days. If there is no effect, increase the dosage in 7-day or 14-day intervals until adequate, but the not excessive, effect is achieved. One day or two days later, give a single dose of chorionic gonadotropin 5000-10000 IU to induce ovulation. In patients with menstrual cramps, treatment should start during the first 7 days of the menstrual cycle.

  British manufacturers suggest that 225IU per day should generally be the highest amount. If no effect is seen after 4 weeks, the dose should be increased to start the next medication cycle.

  UFSH may also be used as part of in vitro fertilization or other reproductive techniques. Generally, 150-225 IU is given every day, starting on the second or third day of the menstrual period, and used for at least 4 consecutive days. According to the response of the ovary, the dosage should be adjusted according to individual conditions. Generally, the production of follicles begins within 5 to 10 days of treatment.

  Gonadorelin analogs can downregulate the pituitary gland and can be used in combination with urofollicle-stimulating hormone. Generally speaking, the use of the former should start 2 weeks before the use of the urofollicle-stimulating hormone, and then the two treatments are used until the follicles are fully developed. Then, 10,000 IU of chorionic gonadotropin was administered once to induce follicle maturation, and egg cell retrieval could be carried out about 35 hours later.

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