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Human Menopausal Gonadotropin Adverse Reactions【Kang Yuan】

        1.When using this product to stimulate ovulation, it is often easy for multiple follicles to develop at the same time, and the rate of multiple pregnancies is high, so immature newborns are also more common.

Human Menopausal Gonadotropin Adverse Reactions【Kang Yuan】

  2. Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS) may also occur after the application of this product. Mild cases may have fullness or pain in the stomach and lower abdomen, often with mild ovarian enlargement, which will be eliminated within 7 to 10 days; moderate and severe cases. In patients with OHSS, ascites and pleural effusion may occur, and the ovary enlarges to a diameter of 10 cm. Hospitalization should be performed to avoid irreversible electrolyte disturbance and even death.

  3. The use of this product can often increase the risk of arterial embolism.

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