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Three aspects of female hormones

  We often hear about hormones, but many customers don’t know the details. To let everyone understand better, the editor of Kang Yuan below will introduce the role of female hormones.

  1. The source of happiness

  The level of serotonin mainly affects our mood and appetite. Once serotonin decreases, our body may experience depression or loss of control, pain in the body, and insomnia will follow.

Three aspects of female hormones

  2. Stimulate sexual desire

  Estrogen is the initiator of sexual desire. Once estrogen decreases, it will lead to a decrease in libido; fat is easy to accumulate in the abdomen, and the proportion of muscle is reduced; in addition, people are prone to fatigue and lack of energy, and people become anxious.

  3. Control basic metabolism

  Thyroxine promotes basic metabolism. If you experience symptoms such as extreme fatigue, anxiety, weight gain, and dry and peeling skin, it may be due to decreased thyroid hormones. Too much thyroid hormone can cause hyperthyroidism.


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