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What do female hormones do? 【Kang Yuan】

  We often hear about hormones, but many customers don’t know the details. In order to let everyone understand better, the editor of Kang Yuan below will introduce the role of female hormones.

  1. Complete the vocation of a woman

  Its primary function is to conceive, complete a series of tasks such conception, and allow women to fulfill their dream of being a mother. It is the hormone that is first reduced during menopause. Progesterone can prevent and prevent breast cancer and endometrial cancer.

What do female hormones do? 【Kang Yuan】

  2. Maintain femininity

  Estrogen is not only a woman's physiological hormone but also a woman's youth hormone and health hormone. Once a woman's estrogen is reduced, her skin will become rough, wrinkles will appear prematurely, her bones will be brittle, and her fat will increase.

  3. Control the aging clock

  Melatonin is known as the biological clock that controls aging, and studies have found that completely dark bedrooms help stimulate the production of melatonin.

  And falling asleep with the light on will control the secretion of melatonin in the human body, thereby reducing the immune function of the human body.

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