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What are female hormones? 【Kang Yuan】

  How important are hormones to women? Whether a woman is beautiful or not depends entirely on hormones. Female hormones refer to female hormones. The human body will secrete more than 75 kinds of hormones, which play their respective roles in the human body.

What are female hormones? 【Kang Yuan】

  The age of 21-22 is the peak period of youth, and it is also the period when the function of the endocrine system is at its peak. From the age of 25, the secretion of hormones in the body will gradually decrease at a rate of 15% every 10 years, and the organs and tissues of the human body will gradually begin to age and shrink, the skin will be obviously dull, and the spirit will not be good. At the age of 60, the hormone secretion is only about 1/5 of the youth.

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