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Urofollitropin supplier: organic solvent extraction process

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  There are many types of products. Today we introduce: Urofollitropin extraction process

  Organic solvent is ethanol or acetone and its concrete steps are:

Urofollitropin supplier: organic solvent extraction process

  (1) adjust ffl value: adjust the pH value of raw material to 8.0~9.0 with 20 F. sodium hydroxide; (2) filter, ultrafiltration concentrate: after adjusting pH value, add 1% diatomaceous earth in urine Filtrate, pour the filtrate into an ultrafiltration tank, and concentrate by ultrafiltration through a 10,000 molecular weight ultrafiltration membrane;

  (3) Organic solvent precipitation: under stirring, first add 10% ammonium acetate and organic solvent to the concentrated solution to make the concentration of the organic solvent reach 70-75%, filter, collect the clear liquid, and then add the organic solvent to the solution, Make the concentration of the organic solvent reach 80-85%, stir evenly and then let it settle for 3-5 hours, collect the precipitate by filtration, wash with the organic solvent 2-3 times, dehydrate and dry to obtain the crude follicle-stimulating hormone.

  Above-mentioned organic solvent is ethanol or acetone.

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