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Urofollitropin supplier: product extraction process

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  There are many types of products. Today we introduce: Urofollitropin extraction process

  The invention has the advantages of simplified process technology, high product yield, and low production cost.

  DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENTS The present invention will be described in detail below through examples.

Urofollitropin supplier: product extraction process

  (1) By collecting 1000L of menopausal women's urine, the urine after passing the inspection is put into the tank, and the pH value of the urine is adjusted to 8.0~9..0 with 20% sodium hydroxide;

  (2) After adjusting the pH value, add 10kg of diatomaceous earth to the urine, stir evenly, and filter with a plate frame;

  (3) Pour the filtered solution into an ultrafiltration tank, pass through an ultrafiltration membrane with a molecular aperture of 10,000, put 10 L of the concentrated solution into the precipitation tank, and add 10% ammonium acetate to the concentrated solution under stirring;

  (4) Under stirring, add ethanol to the concentrated solution to make the concentration reach 70%, filter, collect the clear liquid, then add ethanol to the clear liquid to make the concentration reach 80%, stir well and let it settle for 5 hours. The precipitate was washed 3 times with 95% ethanol, dehydrated, and dried to obtain 10.8 grams of the product.

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