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Urokinase manufacturer: Investment analysis of Urokinase

  The medical value of urokinase is great, and there is no suitable substitute drug at present, but due to the shortage of raw materials, the shortage of urokinase is serious. Therefore, many people want to enter the industry. Urine source is the premise. Without a urine source, there will be no raw materials, and there is no way to start. If you want to make money, equipment and technology are the keys, because the price of urokinase is calculated according to the activity. The same weight, the higher the activity, the higher the price, so the related equipment and technology are very important to the manufacturer.

Urokinase manufacturer: Investment analysis of Urokinase

  The urokinase crude product processing industry has a history of 30 to 40 years. As early as the 1970s, there were research institutions conducting research on the extraction of urokinase from urine, and the industry was formed later. The urokinase equipment was initially built with cement, which was costly, easy to leak, easy to breed bacteria, and not conducive to cleaning. The activity of the urokinase produced was greatly reduced. Some manufacturers can't even make ends meet and seek other ways out.

  Now, after decades of development of equipment and technology for urokinase extraction, the purification process has also been continuously improved and perfected. The current extraction equipment is mostly made of plastic and stainless steel. At present, the fully automated extraction equipment can realize large-ton urine The automatic extraction of liquid can not only save resource costs but also greatly improve the activity of urokinase, which in turn affects the profit of this engineering project.

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