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Urokinase manufacturer: Detection of Urokinase activity [kangyuan]

  As a thrombolytic drug for thrombus patients, urokinase is currently not available as an alternative drug, and there is a serious shortage of urokinase in the pharmaceutical market, so it has attracted the attention of the media and the public. The current urokinase extraction process, about a ton of urine can extract 120-150g of urokinase, urokinase technology is not very difficult, there are mainly the following three extraction methods

  First, precipitation method: the use of precipitating agent, the agent into the urine, and finally precipitate urokinase crude

  Two, soaking method: first of all, high-speed stirring urine, stirring the foam after adding ammonium sulfate, urokinase crude precipitating agent method: precipitation method is to add precipitating agent in urine, so that urokinase precipitation out of the obtained.

Urokinase manufacturer: Detection of Urokinase activity [kangyuan]

  Three. Adsorbent method: Adsorption method is to add "adsorbent" in urine to adsorb urokinase. At present, adsorption method is the most widely used in urokinase extraction process. Adsorbent includes resin adsorption and diatomaceous earth adsorption two processes

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