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Kangyuan Professional Urokinase Manufacturer

  Urokinase is an enzyme protein isolated from healthy human urine or obtained from human kidney tissue culture. Urokinase can be extracted through the urine extraction process, and urokinase can be used for the treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and thrombosis.

Kangyuan Professional Urokinase Manufacturer

  Urokinase is a thrombolytic substance. In the 1960s in Shanghai, some research institutes were already extracting urokinase. This method of extracting urokinase from the urine of healthy people is scientifically based. Compared with streptokinase with the same effect, urokinase has no antigenicity and does not cause allergic reactions, but because it is extracted from urine, the cost is relatively high. The research shows that the drug production process is affected by the process, and the amount of the extracted drug is related to the advanced level of technology. As for why male urine is chosen, it is mainly due to factors such as the susceptibility of female bodies to infection, and most of the students are healthy, so they are an ideal group for urine collection.

  The crude urokinase product obtained after collecting urine and processing can be sold to pharmaceutical factories. Crude product extraction is only the first step in the production of urokinase, and does not affect the safety of later-stage pharmaceuticals.

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