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Urofollitropin manufacturer: Urofollitropin preparation process

  Preparation process of urofollitropin: a preparation method of urofollicle stimulating hormone, the preparation method is easy to operate, low in production cost, and the obtained urofollitropin has higher purity and no contamination by exogenous protein. The specific activity of FSH is greater than 10000IU/mg protein, and the LH:FSH titer is lower than 1:100. The preparation method includes the following steps:

  (1) human menopausal gonadotropin crude product is purified by anion exchange chromatography to obtain urinary follicle stimulating hormone intermediate I;

Urofollitropin manufacturer: Urofollitropin preparation process

  (2) urofollitropin intermediate I is purified by cation exchange chromatography to obtain urofollitropin intermediate II;

  (3) UFO intermediate II is purified by dye affinity chromatography to obtain UFO intermediate III;

  (4) urofollitropin intermediate III is purified by hydrophobic chromatography to obtain a solution of high-purity urofollitropin;

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