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Hormone API Manufacturer: Lack of hormonal performance in women【kangyuan】

  The lack of hormones in women is related to many factors, so what factors are related to it, let's learn about it with Kang Yuan's editor below!

  1) Insomnia headache

  It is manifested as vasospasm headache, depression and anxiety, palpitations and insomnia, easy awakening, indifferent expression, easy fatigue, memory loss, paroxysmal hot flashes, mental hypersensitivity and other symptoms, which seriously affect daily life.

Hormone API Manufacturer: Lack of hormonal performance in women【kangyuan】

  2) Irritability and chest tightness

  Appears to be flustered, anxious, irritable, nervous, suspicious, or even manic, but may quarrel with a colleague or family member over a trivial matter, blushing and thick neck, making it difficult to control one's emotions. It is easy to wake up with chest tightness during sleep at night, and in severe cases, a one-time increase in blood pressure occurs.

  3) Irregular menstruation

  It is manifested as menstrual disorders, irregular or heavy menstrual flow, often with large blood clots, or continuous menstruation, and severe cases lead to hemorrhagic anemia.

  4) Skin aging

  It is manifested as loose skin, wrinkles, pigmentation, dullness, and enlarged pores.


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