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An overview of three aspects of the function of urinary gonadotropin

  Urinary gonadotropin is a common gonadotropin drug that will be used for the treatment of certain diseases as well as for the downregulation and ovulation induction of IVF. Urinary gonadotropins are widely used in the field of IVF. Urinary gonadotropins are not only used as urinary gonadotropins to promote ovulation but are also often used to improve the success rate of IVF before frozen embryo transfer. The role of gonadotropin is mainly divided into three aspects:

An overview of three aspects of the function of urinary gonadotropin

  1. Promote follicle development: Urine gonadotropin can promote follicle development and maturation. Urinary gonadotropin is usually used in combination with chorionic gonadotropin for primary or secondary amenorrhea due to insufficient gonadotropin secretion, and infertility due to anovulation.

  2. Promote estrogen secretion: Urine gonadotropin can stimulate the ovary, stimulate the ovary to secrete a large amount of estrogen, thereby making the endometrium grow;

  3. Promote sperm growth: Male sperm develop slowly and usually take 90 days to mature. For some men, gonadotropin can be injected under the guidance of a doctor. By injecting urinary gonadotropins, sperm develop rapidly.

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