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Extraction method of Urokinase manufacturer

  Urokinase is extracted from urine. This article introduces several extraction methods in the production process of crude Urokinase:

Extraction method of Urokinase manufacturer

  Urokinase method/step

  Precipitation method: using a precipitant, put the precipitant into the urine to precipitate Urokinase.

  Foaming method: The foaming method requires rapid stirring of the urine with a machine to make it foam, and then liquefies the foam and then adds ammonium sulfate (NH₄)₂SO₄ to precipitate Urokinase to obtain a crude product.

  Adsorption method: The adsorption method is to add an "adsorbent" to the urine to absorb the crude Urokinase. At present, the adsorption method is the most widely used in the Urokinase extraction process. Adsorbents include resin adsorption and diatomaceous earth adsorption two processes