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Hormone API Manufacturer: Introduction to Product Features

  Substances with special effects on the body are secreted directly into the blood by the endocrine glands of humans and animals.

  "Hormone" means "to mobilize something", "to make something work". There are trillions of billions of cells in the human body that act in unison under the command and help of hormones. Hormones are constantly flowing in the blood,

Hormone API Manufacturer: Introduction to Product Features

  Once at its destination, it attaches to the surface of the target cell (the cell's "receptors"), stimulating its specialized functions, which range from sexual function to reproduction, growth, metabolism, all the way to thinking, emotions, and more,

  Depends on the hormones you are receiving.

  Hormones are produced by endocrine glands.

  There are many types of synthetic hormones, but their chemical structure, action, and effect are similar, with only a few differences.

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