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Use of Urokinase manufacturer products

  Kangyuan has been insisting on the Urokinase crude product industry for more than ten years. Our pattern is constantly changing; our technology is constantly innovating; the company is a modern technology company integrating independent research and development, design, manufacturing, and whole plant output. We will continue to carry out technological innovation and model innovation. Internet thinking to examine yourself, use technology to change a life, and change the environment!

       1.From the earliest public toilets with urinals to collect urine, many areas now use our own self-developed water-free flushing urinals (water-saving renovation of public toilets), which not only saves water for the city but not only ensures the safety of public toilets. Environmental sanitation, while collecting more, fresh urine to extract crude Urokinase and Ulinastatin;

Use of Urokinase manufacturer products

  2. From the earliest time, only crude Urokinase can be extracted from urine, and now it is possible to extract crude Urokinase and crude Ulinastatin from the urine;

  3. From the earliest, only dozens of grams of crude Urokinase can be extracted from 1 ton of urine, and now 130 grams of crude Urokinase and 260 grams of crude ulinastatin can be extracted from 1 ton of urine;

  4. From the earliest waste liquid produced in production to the sewage pipe network, it is now possible to add a variety of probiotics and probiotic cultivation bases to these waste liquids to produce plant nutrient solutions for plants, fruits, and vegetables (turn waste into treasure, green recycling);

  5. From the earliest single general-purpose plant nutrient solution to the current plant nutrient solution series products, the products are subdivided, and the service is more intimate and more accurate (urban landscaping type, root application type, foliar spray type, home planting type, etc. );

  6. From the earliest tens of thousands of projects to the current 2 million projects. This is not only a simple change in numbers, but also a technological road of "green environmental protection and recycling" that the Weizhi people have pursued by insisting on their dreams, insisting on continuous technological innovation, and insisting on continuous model innovation.