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Urokinase manufacturer product resources are scarce?

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  The market prospect of urokinase extraction industry is good. As a supplier of urokinase industry, Kangyuan will continue to improve equipment, optimize and upgrade, so as to further improve the activity of crude urokinase and ensure the quality of crude products.

Urokinase manufacturer product resources are scarce?

  With the acceleration of urbanization, almost every household uses flush toilets, and the number of public toilets in the community is also decreasing. Urine collection becomes difficult, and the lack of raw materials makes urokinase increasingly scarce, and it becomes important to increase urokinase activity. How to improve the activity and efficiency of crude urokinase in the context of government policies, the concept of water saving and emission reduction, and the continuous improvement of the quality of urokinase activity due to market shortages. Reducing the consumption and cost of urine has become the focus of the urokinase extraction industry. Therefore, as a manufacturer of urokinase extraction equipment, we must keep pace with the times, continue to innovate and upgrade products, gradually eliminate PE equipment, and extract crude urokinase activity.

  Therefore, the resources of urokinase are relatively scarce now, and the industry prospect is good.

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