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The role of hormone raw materials

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  Although the amount of hormones in the human body is not large, it has a great impact on health. Lack or excess can cause various diseases, such as: too much growth hormone secretion will cause gigantism; too little secretion will cause dwarfism disease. Excessive thyroid secretion can cause symptoms such as palpitations and sweaty hands; too little secretion can easily lead to obesity and lethargy. Insufficient insulin secretion can lead to diabetes. Many hormone preparations and synthetic products have important uses in medicine and animal husbandry.

The role of hormone raw materials

  Substances with special effects on the body secreted directly into the blood by the endocrine glands of humans and animals. Gastrointestinal organs and placenta and other tissues can also secrete hormones, such as pancreatic secretion hormone, gastric juice secretion hormone, chorionic gonadotropin and so on.

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