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Human chorionic gonatopin API supplier: HCG Main methods of production

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  Urokinase is an alkaline protease produced by the kidney and mainly exists in the urine of human body and mammals. It is the normal function of human body during blood coagulation. However, in some pathological states, blood acid is formed in blood vessels, which will cause serious consequences when blocking blood circulation. Urokinase is a thrombolytic drug, but it is not directly used for blood clot itself, Instead, it activates the plasmin in the body to become an active plasmin. Plasmin acts on the fibrin clot to decompose it into soluble carbon. There are three main methods for urokinase manufacturers to produce urokinase:

Human chorionic gonatopin API supplier: HCG Main methods of production

  1, foaming method: that is, high speed agitation to make the enzyme liquid foaming, then make the foam liquefaction, add ammonium sulfate to make urokinase precipitation.

  2. Precipitant method: add precipitant in urine to precipitate urokinase, while urokinase remains in the precipitation,

  3. Adsorbent, this method is widely used. Select appropriate adsorbent to selectively adsorb urokinase. This process uses ion exchange resin as adsorbent to produce crude urokinase.

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