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Urokinase Manufacturer: Silica gel product description?

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  The characteristics of urokinase silica gel products are described as follows:

       1.It mainly produces the most suitable specific surface and pore structure and active column chromatography products for urokinase molecular structure, which not only achieves the purpose of separation and purification, but also improves the quality and yield of products.

Urokinase Manufacturer: Silica gel product description?

  2. This kind of product is mainly produced by using high-quality silica gel as raw material for fine processing. It can be used according to the different components and properties of the material to determine the basic adsorption retention time. Ensure high efficiency and accuracy of production activities to meet the requirements of separation and purification of different substances. The main industries of use include petroleum processing and refining as well as the separation of the active components of Chinese herbal medicine.

  3. Its basic composition is white granular material and silicon dioxide, with high purity and safe and hygienic use, which can meet the basic adsorption production requirements of different material components.

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