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What does Urokinase manufacturer do?

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  Urokinase can directly act on endogenous fibrinolytic system and catalyze the decomposition of plasminogen into plasminogen. Plasminogen can not only degrade fibrin clots, but also degrade fibrinogen, coagulation factor 5 and coagulation factor 8 in blood circulation, thus playing a thrombolytic role.

  Moreover, urokinase can improve the activity of vascular ADP enzyme, inhibit adP-induced platelet aggregation and prevent thrombosis.

What does Urokinase manufacturer do?

  Urokinase in patients with intravenous drip, fibrinolytic enzyme activity increased significantly in the body, to a few hours after stopping drug, fibrinolytic enzyme activity to restore the original level, but plasma, fibrin and fibrinogen level is reduced, and the increase of their degradation products can last 12 to 24 hours, the thrombolytic effect of urokinase and drug dosage, dosing time window has obvious relevance.

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