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Urokinase manufacturer: Functions of Urokinase products

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  What does urokinase do?

Urokinase manufacturer: Functions of Urokinase products

  Urokinase is urine by humans or human kidney tissue culture system, is live one hundred new special effects, drug can eliminate caused by phlebitis and heart disease, blood clots, and used for treatment of thrombosis embolism disease, q and a variety of diseases caused by fibrin deposition, such as cerebral thrombosis, acute myocardial infarction, the whole body blood vessels and retinal vascular occlusion disorder such as answer. At present, it is further used in artificial organs, organ transplantation and microsurgery. In addition, it enhances immunity and activates the lyssosome, which kills tumor cells, making it an effective adjuvant anticancer agent.

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