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Urokinase Manufacturer's product extraction technology is excellent

  Kangyuan Company is a professional Manufacturer of Hormone API, specializing in production, which is your best choice. Now I'm going to introduce you to the Urokinase manufacturer and introduce you to the extraction equipment and technology for crude Urokinase.

  Urokinase crude product processing industry has a history of more than 30 years. Urokinase equipment is built with cement in the earliest stage, which is high cost, easy to leak, easy to breed bacteria and not conducive to cleaning, and the urokinase activity made is greatly reduced. Some manufacturers even cannot make ends meet and seek other industries.

Urokinase Manufacturer's product extraction technology is excellent

  Now, urokinase extraction equipment and related technology after decades of development, purification process is constantly improved and refined. The current equipment is a set of mixing, elution, extraction and filtration in one of the model equipment.

  Kangyuan specializes in the technical research and extraction of urokinase. The company has long-term cooperation with domestic and international pharmaceutical enterprises, focusing on the production, supply and technical application of urokinase raw materials. The urokinase extraction equipment developed and produced by the company is the first automatic extraction equipment in China, realizing the automation of urokinase extraction. It not only saves costs, but also greatly improves urokinase activity, which in turn increases the profits of the project.

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