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Hormone API Manufacturer: Hormone Manufacturer

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  1. Menopause: Menopause causes a sharp drop in the concentration of hormones in women, causing drastic changes in the body.

  2. Gynecological diseases: cancer diseases, such as cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, will cause hormone imbalance, affect menstruation.

  3. Chronic diseases: diabetes, anemia, anorexia, etc., can also cause hormone imbalance.

Hormone API Manufacturer: Hormone Manufacturer

  4. Incorrect reduce weight: many law reducing weight on market advocate be on a diet or take medicine reduce weight, weight drops rapidly and the body each respect function gets used to, keep up with the pace reducing weight, bring about hormone maladjustment thereby.

  5. Excessive exercise: excessive exercise will change the proportion of fat and muscle tissue in the body, and affect the secretion of hormones, so irregular menstruation, and even amenorrhea. Inappropriate behavior: Psychotropic drug abuse, drug use, cancer or contraceptive use, and alcohol abuse can disrupt hormones.

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