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Urokinase manufacturer: Urokinase injection is in short supply

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  Drug distributor: sell urokinase injection to local hospitals or pharmacies. According to the output of urokinase in China, the overall control of sales price is carried out, and at the same time, high-quality urokinase injection imported from abroad with high price is used to supplement the shortage of domestic supply and demand. In the sales market, it follows the law of "rare things are expensive". Although there are layers of supervision from the drug regulatory department and the price department, it is difficult to curb the steep rise in the price of high-quality urokinase injection caused by supply shortage. According to the average estimate of the current market price, the price of 100,000 units of urokinase injection is as high as more than 200 yuan. But data show that the same volume of urokinase injection in the late 1990s was only less than 1 yuan.

Urokinase manufacturer: Urokinase injection is in short supply

  Domestic urokinase injection supply shortage, distributors import a large number of high-priced urokinase to fill the domestic market. But who would have thought that these imported urokinase injection raw materials are exported by our country in the past!

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