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Urokinase Manufacturer: Urine collection and Urokinase Manufacturer

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  Urine collection and urokinase crude product enterprises:

  This is the initial link of the industrial chain, which is mainly operated by small enterprises or numerous individual workshops in the area where each city is located. More than ten years ago, the original way to collect urine was to collect urine in barrels. Not only was it difficult to collect urine, toilets smelled bad, and collected urine was little, so many enterprises did not continue to do it. The shortage of raw materials made urokinase price rise in the past ten years. At the same time, the production process of urokinase crude liquid is relatively simple, the technical content is low, and the activity made by enterprises is poor and the efficiency is low.

Urokinase Manufacturer: Urine collection and Urokinase Manufacturer

  Today, with the urbanization of the national civilization construction, the city so it is urgent to improve public health environment, urine collection way also collected by way of original barrel to hidden, urokinase crude products processing enterprises in collaboration with the school, the school toilets, public toilets upgrade, not only can solve the problem of source to collect urine, can effectively and thoroughly solve the problem of bad breath, toilets, etc. Some of the crude urokinase products are sold to domestic professional urokinase biochemical pharmaceutical factories, and some are exported to foreign countries as urokinase raw materials.

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