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Hormone importance of the API Manufacturer product

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  To give you a better idea of the importance of hormones, the main cause of aging is hormone deficiency:

  In May 2002, at the World Anti-aging Conference, an oncologist who has worked for more than 30 years - Dr. Cage of Italy stated: "Since the beginning of civilization, human beings have always thought that aging is inevitable.

  However, after multiple studies, we believe that the process of losing youth and vitality and gradually aging is not a normal life journey, but a disease caused by the lack of physiological function. Hormone, the source of life in the human body, is the main cause of physiological deficiency if it is not secreted enough.

Hormone importance of the API Manufacturer product

  In other words, the main cause of aging is a lack of hormones. In other words, the aging process can be stopped or even reversed by supplementing hormones, so it is not a dream for the average human life span to reach 150 years.

  In a statement, Dr. Rono Koetz, president of the American College of Anti-Aging Medicine, said hormone production has decreased by 15 percent every decade since the peak of youth, when the secretion system is at its peak between the ages of 21 and 22. The decrease in hormones affects the functioning of other systems, reducing the function of all organs in the body.

  Before the age of 30, the body's endocrine system can automatically regulate the small decrease in hormones, so it is not enough to affect other physiological functions; But to the age of 30 or so, the amount of hormone secretion in the body is only 85% of the peak period, the loss of 15% hormone secretion, will cause the function of other organs recession and human organs began to age and atrophy, the skin is obviously dim, the spirit is not good, the loss of physiological function will cause the appearance of aging and psychological loss;

  By age 50, about 40 percent of function is lost; By age 60, hormone levels are only about 30% of those of younger people; By the age of 80, there's only one-fifth left.

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