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Hormone API Manufacturer Introduce product structure and Application

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  Hormones are chemical information substances in animals or plants; It is a chemical information substance synthesized by highly differentiated endocrine cells and directly secreted into blood.

  Hormones are important substances that regulate the normal activities of the body. None of them can initiate a new metabolic process in the body.

Hormone API Manufacturer Introduce product structure and Application

  It can be divided into four categories according to chemical structure:

  The first category is steroids, such as adrenocortical hormone and sex hormone.

  The second category is amino acid derivatives, including thyroxine, adrenal medullary hormone, pineal hormone and so on.

  The structure of the third type of hormone is peptide and protein, such as thalamic hormone, pituitary hormone, gastrointestinal hormone, calcitonin, etc.

  The fourth category is fatty acid derivatives, such as prostaglandins.

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