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Urokinase Manufacturer: What is Urokinase?

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  Urokinase is a biological protein that helps thin the blood and break down clots. Hospitalized patients or people with suspected clots are often advised to take a dose of urokinase to relieve symptoms and reduce the risk of fatal complications. The drug requires controlled use by doctors or trained nurses, and patients are monitored for adverse reactions during treatment. Persistent side effects are uncommon, but dizziness, bruising and bleeding, and chest pain may occur.

Urokinase Manufacturer: What is Urokinase?

  The kidney itself produces and releases a natural urokinase that stimulates blood circulation and clears obstacles. And medicinal urokinase can be used as a supplement to protect against pulmonary embolism and dangerous clots outside the lungs. Its anticoagulant properties kick in as soon as the injection enters the bloodstream. Treatment is most effective at the onset of embolic symptoms such as shortness of breath, cough and chest pain.

  After a clot is confirmed, a solution made by mixing water, sodium chloride and urokinase powder is injected into a clean bag connected to the drops and catheter. The doctor injected the solution into the major arteries in the arm. The exact amount provided also depends on the patient's age and weight. If the problem cannot be resolved within a few hours, the injection dose or rate may need to be increased.

  Mild side effects of urokinase are more common. After the injection, patients may experience dizziness, dizziness and nausea. Some people may also experience headaches, difficulty breathing and swelling. Because urokinase affects blood viscosity, patients can also become prone to bruising, increased menstrual bleeding and nosebleed. In addition, close observation during treatment can often prevent internal bleeding problems.

  Urokinase can interact with other medications, so it's important to tell your doctor what medications you're taking. Aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs and other blood thinners can reduce efficacy or lead to potentially serious complications of a heart attack or stroke. With appropriate precautions, most patients respond well to treatment and their symptoms return completely to normal.