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Urokinase Manufacturer product development background

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  Urokinase development background

Urokinase Manufacturer product development background

  The production of urokinase from urine collected from toilets has been around since the 1980s, but as time went on, researchers found that urokinase was not just a viable ingredient. Dozens of other valuable ingredients were discovered, and with the production of urokinase and ulinastatin, which can form a market value, a urine production and processing industry was gradually formed. At present, the main profitable products in this project include urokinase and ulinastatin, while other products are still in the market development stage and are not mature enough to bring profits to franchisees. Urokinase and ulinastatin belong to human drugs, and have irreplaceable medicinal value of other drugs. With the increasing demand for urokinase and ulinastatin year by year, the development of this project has provided a market short of supply. Urine source, as a limited resource material, will become the next gold mine

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