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Urokinase Manufacturer introduces side effects of Urokinase products

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Urokinase Manufacturer introduces side effects of Urokinase products

  Urokinase works quickly and effectively on newly formed thrombus. Urokinase can also improve vascular ADP enzyme activity, reduce ADP-induced platelet aggregation, and prevent thrombosis. After intravenous infusion of urokinase, plasminase activity in patients was significantly increased; A few hours after withdrawal, plasminase activity returned to its original level.

  The common clinical adverse reaction is bleeding tendency. Local hematoma is more common by injection or puncture. The second is tissue hemorrhage, the incidence of 5%-11%, more mild, severe can cause cerebral hemorrhage. This product is used for coronary artery recanalization thrombolytic, often accompanied by atrial or ventricular arrhythmia after vascular recanalization, the incidence of more than 70%.

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