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Urokinase Manufacturer describes the role of Urokinase products

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  Urokinase is a proteolytic enzyme extracted from human urine or renal fine face tissue culture, which can directly activate plasminogen to plasminase, so as to hydrolyze fibrin and dissolve thrombus. Plasminase activity increased rapidly after intravenous injection, peaked 15 minutes later, still increased 6 hours later, and slowly returned to normal 24 hours later.

Urokinase Manufacturer describes the role of Urokinase products

  Urokinase has the same purpose as streptokinase but is weaker than streptokinase. At present, it is mainly used for intravenous or intra-coronary thrombolytic therapy of acute myocardial infarction, and can also be used for other thromboembolic diseases, eye inflammation, traumatic tissue edema, hematoma and so on. In addition, there are anti-lung cancer metastasis, pregnancy poisoning, systemic lupus erythematosus also has a certain effect. Adverse reactions include bleeding, fever, allergic reaction, etc., but this drug has no antigenicity, no pyrogenicity, and severe allergic reaction is rare. Excessive dosage can cause bleeding and can be treated with anti-fibrinolytic drugs such as amino caproic acid.

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