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Extraction process of urokinase crude from urokinase manufacturer

  The use of crude urokinase can increase the catalytic activity of the endothelium and monocyte surface, or the use of endogenous plasminogen activator in human plasma and urine, what is the extraction process? Next, follow the Xiaobian to understand it together. I hope that the introduction of this article can help you to have a deep understanding of the product.

  The extraction process of urokinase crude product is described as follows:

  1. Collect fresh urine, filter it, remove sundry things, transfer it into the mixing tank and close the drain valve.

  2. Add silica gel to the urine in the mixing pool, stir at a constant speed and in one direction for 2.5 to 3 hours (add 1 kg of silica gel for every 50 kg, and the silica gel added is neutral and pre-treated).

  3. Open the drain valve after stirring, and the urine in the pool will flow out of the drain valve together with the silica gel. At this time, a mesh cloth bag should be installed on the drain valve in advance, so that the waste urine will be discharged by the sewer, and the silica gel will be collected.

Extraction process of urokinase crude from urokinase manufacturer

  4. Put the collected silica gel into the chromatography column, clean it with tap water first, and do not control the flow rate. When the color of the waste liquid is as clear as the water, if the cleaning is not clear for a long time, a small amount of ammonia can be added to adjust.

  5. After cleaning, adjust the flow rate of the column to 800 ml/min and elute it with eluent water (120 ml of ammonia and 120 g of urokinase activity enhancer) (at this time, it is necessary to make sure that the column is half up when adding eluent water).

  6. After all the above liquids have flowed through, the flow rate of the chromatography column was adjusted to 600 ml L/min. The eluent was eluted by adding free water (3 kg ammonium chloride, 60 g to 80 g urokinase activity enhancer). After about 5 to 10 minutes, 7500 ml to 8000 ml ammonia was added and the eluent was collected into a container.

  7. Add purified saturated ammonium sulfate to the liquid collected in the previous step, stir well, and let it stand for 8 hours to precipitate.

  8. Transfer the precipitation into the suction filter bottle, siphon dry, shovel up with a small shovel, and collect the crude products.

  Urokinase crude extraction process for you to introduce here, thank you for reading and attention, if necessary, welcome to call at any time.