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This article introduces the points for attention when using Ulinastatin

  Ulinastatin mainly do use in clinical, belongs to a kind of auxiliary medication, can be used in the treatment of acute pancreatitis, chronic recurrent pancreatitis, etc., the source of this product is extracted from fresh human urine a can inhibit many kinds of proteolytic enzyme activity of glycoprotein, in the process of production takes 10 hours to 60 degrees Celsius heat until inactivated viruses can refine use, So what should we pay attention to when using this product?

  Notes for attention when using Ulinastatin are detailed as follows:

  1. People with a history of drug allergy, food allergy or allergic constitution should use this product with caution.

  2. When this product is used for acute circulatory failure, it should be noted that it cannot replace the general shock therapy, such as infusion, oxygen inhalation, surgical treatment, antibiotics, etc., and the administration should be terminated as soon as the shock symptoms improve.

This article introduces the points for attention when using Ulinastatin

  3. Caution when using: Avoid mixing this product with gabel ester or gelobin preparation. This product should be used immediately after dissolution.

  4. The safety of drug administration during pregnancy has not been proven. Animal experiments have shown that the drug is distributed in breast milk. Therefore, pregnant women and women at risk of pregnancy should be used with caution according to their condition.

  5. The safety of medication for children has not been established.

  6. Elderly patients should be appropriately reduced.

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