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Urokinase extraction equipment in the extraction tank specific operation instructions

  There are many kinds of extraction equipment for urokinase, and it is also one of the main equipment for producing urokinase products, among which the chromatography column plays a great role, and the chromatography column is also the main body of gel chromatography technology, and the extraction tank in the equipment is also "one of the main members", so how to operate the extraction tank correctly?

  1. Before using urokinase, close the slag discharge door and observe whether it is closed properly (lock it in place and seal it without leakage).

  2. Urokinase open the feeding door, feed into the tank, and can be water at the same time, to prevent dust flying, measurement of water intake (loading volume is generally 70-80%).

Urokinase extraction equipment in the extraction tank specific operation instructions

  3. After feeding urokinase, close the feeding door and observe whether it is closed properly.

  4. Before the temperature rise of urokinase extraction, the valve in the system should be placed in the "open" or "closed" position according to the process requirements.

  5. Urokinase water extraction, can be directly to the tank through steam heating, boiling can be changed to the jacket through steam indirect heating insulation, if the "alcohol extraction", only to the jacket indirect heating.

  6. During the extraction process of urokinase in the extraction tank, the liquid can be pumped out from the lower outlet and pumped into the top inlet of the tank for forced circulation, so as to make the temperature in the tank balanced and the extraction effect is sufficient.

  7. Urokinase extraction work is completed, you can release the liquid, can be pumped out, can also use the form of natural flow.

  8. Urokinase after the above work is completed, open the slag door, the residue can be discharged, if the residue is not discharged, can close the slag door, add a little water and steam to the tank, loosen the residue, and then open the door to release.