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Usage and dosage of Urokinase produced by Urokinase manufacturer

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  Urokinase should be prepared with sodium chloride injection or 5% glucose solution before clinical use.

       1.The initial dose of 4400 units/kg for pulmonary embolism was prepared with sodium chloride injection or 5% glucose solution and dropped within 10 minutes at a rate of 90 ml/h; It was then administered at a rate of 4400 units per hour, with continuous intravenous infusion for 2 hours or 12 hours. In case of pulmonary embolism, sodium chloride injection of 15000 units per kg body weight can also be prepared and injected into the pulmonary artery. If necessary, adjust the dosage according to the situation. Repeat once every 24 hours, and use up to three times.

Usage and dosage of Urokinase produced by Urokinase manufacturer

  2. For myocardial infarction, it is suggested that sodium chloride injection should be prepared and continuously injected into the coronary artery at a rate of 6000 units/min for 2 hours. Before the infusion, 2500-10000 units of heparin should be given intravenously. Urokinase 2 to 3 million units can also be prepared after intravenous infusion, 45 minutes to 90 minutes after dripping.

  3. Peripheral arterial thrombosis: sodium chloride injection was used to prepare urokinase (concentration: 2500 units/ml) and the blood clot was injected at a rate of 4000 units/min via catheter. Clip the catheter once every 2 hours; The infusion rate can be adjusted to 1000 units/min until the clot dissolves.

  4. Prevention and Treatment of Thrombosis After Heart Valve Replacement Thrombosis is one of the most common complications after heart valve replacement. Urokinase 4400 units/kg body weight, sodium chloride injection preparation after 10 minutes to 15 minutes to drop. It was then maintained by intravenous infusion of 4400 units/kg body weight/hour. When the valve function is normal, the medication is stopped. If the drug is still ineffective for 24 hours or serious bleeding tendency should be stopped.

  5. Pempyema or pericardium is usually treated with antibiotics and pus drainage. The drainage tube is often blocked by the formation of a clot of fibrin. At this time 10000 to 250000 units of urokinase prepared with sterile water for injection (5000 units/ml) can be injected into the pleural or pericardial cavity. It can not only keep the drainage tube patency, but also prevent pleura or pericardium adhesion or the formation of pericardial constriction.

  6. Ophthalmological applications are used to dissolve anterior chamber blood clots caused by intraocular bleeding. To disintegrate the clot and facilitate surgical removal. Flush the anterior chamber with 2 ml sodium chloride injection, usually 5000 units.

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