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Notes for Urokinase use in the Urokinase Manufacturer

  Notes for Urokinase use in the Urokinase manufacturer

  Kangyuan is a professional Urokinase manufacturer, specializing in production, which is your best choice. The following is to introduce the usage of urokinase matters needing attention.

  Urokinase should be prepared with sterilized saline for injection or 5% glucose solution before clinical use.

       1.Pulmonary embolism: when necessary, the dose of urokinase can be adjusted according to the situation, repeated once at an interval of 24 hours, and used three times at most.

Notes for Urokinase use in the Urokinase Manufacturer

  2. Peripheral artery thrombosis: this product was prepared with 0.9% sodium chloride solution (concentration: 2500 units /ml) and injected into blood clot at a rate of 4000 units/min via catheter. Clip the catheter once every 2 hours; The infusion rate of urokinase can be adjusted to 1000 units/min until the clot dissolves.

  3. Prevention and treatment of thrombosis after heart valve replacement: thrombosis is one of the most common complications after heart valve replacement. Urokinase can be prepared according to the weight of 4400 units /kg, 0.9% sodium chloride solution after 10 minutes to 15 minutes to drop. It was then maintained by intravenous infusion at the rate of 4400 units /kg of body weight per hour. When the valve function is normal, the use of urokinase is discontinued. If the drug is still ineffective for 24 hours or serious bleeding tendency should be stopped.

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