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Urokinase crude article basic pharmacological action has what

  Urokinase crude is the key raw material for the production of purified high-quality urokinase products, which can meet the basic needs of biological products production and processing. Qingzhou Xinkang Biotechnology is a professional supplier of biological products, urokinase manufacturers. Below my company for you to analyze the introduction of urokinase crude product basic pharmacological action, the following specific understanding.

  The product can directly act on endogenous fibrinolytic system and catalyze the lysis of plasminogen plasminogen, which can not only degrade fibrinogen clots, but also degrade fibrinogen, coagulation factor ⅴ and coagulation factor ⅷ in blood circulation, so as to play a thrombolytic role.

Urokinase crude article basic pharmacological action has what

  The effect is fast and good to the newly formed thrombus. This product can also improve the activity of vascular ADP enzyme, inhibit adP-induced platelet aggregation, and prevent thrombosis. After intravenous infusion, plasminase activity in patients was significantly increased; A few hours after withdrawal, plasminase activity returned to its original level.

  Above is qingzhou Xinkang biology for you to sort out and share the basic pharmacology of urokinase crude product explanation, I hope to help you understand the equipment; We will continue to share with you in the future. Welcome to continue to pay attention.