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Urokinase manufacturers explain the types of biologic products

  Biological products can be divided into different product types according to different production labels and later use fields in the industry. The following urokinase manufacturers will analyze and introduce the types of biological products for you to learn and understand in detail.

  1. National biological standards

  It refers to the standard substance used for quantitative determination of potency or toxicity of a product which is calibrated with international standard substance or developed by China without international biological standard substance, and its biological activity is measured in international units.

Urokinase manufacturers explain the types of biologic products

  2. National biological reference

  Refers to those calibrated with international reference products, or those developed by China without international reference products. Biological reagents, biological materials or specific antiserums for the qualitative identification or disease diagnosis of microorganisms or their products; Or reference material used for quantitative detection of biological titers of certain products, such as reference material used for titer determination of live measles vaccine or for floc unit determination of toxoid, whose titer is expressed in specific active units.

  The above is the kind of biological products that urokinase manufacturers organize and share for you, hoping to help you understand the equipment; We will continue to share with you in the future. Welcome to continue to pay attention to Kangyuan.