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Urofollitropin Price introduces its products

  Kangyuan company is a professional producer of Hormone API, specializing in production. It is your best choice. The following is an introduction to Human LEAN Gonadotropin Supplier.

Urofollitropin Price introduces its products

  1. Antibody: 180,000 types of primary antibody. It can be used in Western blot, IP, IHC, IF, FACS, ELISA and other experiments.

  2. Protein (Protien) : 22,000 kinds of high purity protein.

  More than 16,000 kinds of ELISA kits are available, including human, rat and mouse elisa kits.

  Small Molecules: more than 26,000 kinds of biologically active Small Molecules, including antagonists, inhibitors, antibiotics and natural products.

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