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Urokinase manufacturers explain the use of products

  Urokinase manufacturers professional biological products and biological products equipment suppliers, can meet the basic needs of modern biochemical research, production activities. Crude urokinase is one of our main products, which can be purified for medical injection. Today, I want to share the basic precautions in the process of injection. The following details are to learn.

Urokinase manufacturers explain the use of products

  1. Hematocrit, platelet count, thrombin time (TT), prothrombin time (PT) and activated partial thrombin time (PT) should be measured before the application of this product. TT and APTT should be less than 2 times the extension range.

  2. During the medication period, the patient's reaction should be closely observed, such as pulse rate, body temperature, respiratory rate and blood pressure, bleeding tendency, etc., and recorded at least once every 4 hours.

  3. During arterial puncture administration, the puncture area should be pressurized for at least 30 minutes after the administration, and pressurized with sterile bandages and dressings to avoid bleeding.

  4. During intravenous administration, a successful puncture is required to avoid local bleeding or hematoma.

  The above is the urokinase manufacturers for you to collate and share the use of urokinase products, I hope to help you understand the product; Later continue to sort out and share for you, welcome to continue to pay attention to us.