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Urokinase extraction equipment maintenance standards

  Urokinase extraction equipment occupies an increasingly important position in the current urokinase extraction equipment supply market, which can well meet the needs of modern bio-manufacturing industry. Kangyuan is a professional pharmaceutical equipment supplier, the following is to analyze and introduce the maintenance standards of urokinase extraction equipment, the following specific study.

Urokinase extraction equipment maintenance standards

  1. Check regularly

  According to the specified inspection cycle, the maintenance worker to the equipment performance and amateur to carry out a comprehensive inspection and measurement, in addition to the problem can be adjusted and solved at that time, the inspection results will be carefully recorded, as the basis for the future decision of the equipment maintenance program.

  2, accuracy check

  This is the measurement, analysis and adjustment of the geometric accuracy, machining accuracy and installation level of the equipment. This work is planned by the full-time inspector, its purpose is to determine the actual precision of the equipment, equipment adjustment, repair, acceptance and scrap to provide reference basis.

  The above is the urokinase extraction equipment maintenance standards, hope to help you understand the product; Later continue to sort out and share for you, welcome to continue to pay attention to us.