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Urokinase supplier introduces product refining process

  Urokinase supplier specializes in the design, production and supply of high-quality biological processing and purification equipment, such as urokinase extraction equipment, gonadotropin production equipment, etc. Kangyuan is a professional manufacturer of urokinase. The following is to explain the analysis of the basic refining process of urokinase products, the following specific learning.

       1.Collection: After the bucket is filled with urine, store it in a cool place. Adjust urine PH to below 6.5. In order to prevent the deterioration of urine in summer, 0.8 phenol was added.

Urokinase supplier introduces product refining process

  2, precipitation treatment: urine to keep below 10℃, with sodium hydroxide PH value to 8.5, mix evenly, stand for 1 hour, after precipitation with a rubber pipe siphon out the supernatant, acidification to PH value 5-5.5.

  3, diatomite adsorption. According to the proportion of acidified urine volume L, pre-cleaned and processed into neutral diatomite, which was adsorbed at 5℃ for hours.

  4. Elution. First, the diatomite adsorbent was washed once with 5℃ cold water, and then loaded into the diatomite column, washed with 0.02% ammonia, so that the washing solution changed from muddy to clear, and then washed with 0.02 ammonia and 0.1m sodium chloride solution immediately. When the water flowing from the diatomite column becomes clear and muddy, it begins to collect urokinase.

  The above is kangyuan xiaobian for you to sort out and share the product refining process, I hope to help you understand the product; Later continue to sort out and share for you, welcome to continue to pay attention to us.