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Urokinase manufacturers of crude urokinase wholesale issues

  Kangyuan a professional urokinase crude products manufacturers, specializing in urokinase crude wholesale. Today, my company will share with you about some common problems in the production process, the following specific learning understanding.

  1. Reduced product yield:

  Related to the quality of urine, the cleaning of various containers, the treatment and adding amount of silica gel, the concentration of various solutions and pH, reagents used and other factors, urokinase is easy to degrade, should be strictly in accordance with the operation procedures.

Urokinase manufacturers of crude urokinase wholesale issues

  2. Low unit titer of crude urokinase:

  It is mainly related to adsorption, washing after adsorption and the amount of diatomite collected after filtration.

  3, urokinase crude small molecules more:

  Urokinase is unstable and easy to degeneration, resulting in decreased activity and easy degradation, which increases the small-molecule urokinase. In addition to strictly following the process requirements in the operation, try to speed up the processing and shorten the interval time.

  The above is the urokinase crude wholesale for you to organize and share the common problems of product production, I hope to help you understand the product; Later continue to sort out and share for you, welcome to continue to pay attention to us.