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Urokinase manufacturers analyze pregnant women for use

  Kangyuan a professional urokinase manufacturers, production, wholesale high-quality urokinase crude products. My company for you to analyze the introduction of pregnant women can inject urokinase, the following specific understanding.

  Urokinase is an effective medicine in the treatment of thromboembolic diseases, any drugs are mutually reinforcing, for some patients with other diseases, is firmly banned.

Urokinase manufacturers analyze pregnant women for use

  From animal experiments, we know that this product 1000 times more than human dose on female mice and rats reproductive capacity and fetal damage are not. And long-term drug use has no carcinogenic report. At present, there have been no reports of medication in pregnantwomen in strict control group.

  Do not use this product unless it is urgently needed. The excretion of this product from milk has not been reported. Therefore, breastfeeding women should also use this product with caution.

  Above is the urokinase manufacturers for you to arrange the pregnant women can inject urokinase correlation analysis, hope to help you understand the product; Later continue to sort out and share for you, welcome to continue to pay attention to us.