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Urokinase manufacturers for you to introduce the extraction method of products

  As we all know, urokinase is a natural drug for the prevention and treatment of cerebral thrombosis, which can only be used for intra-cardiac injection and intravenous injection. When it comes to the extraction method of urokinase, it is estimated that everyone is not very clear. Today, we will follow the urokinase manufacturer to understand that the raw material of urokinase must be urine. Some schools now place plastic buckets in the boys' bathrooms to collect boys' urine, which is then distilled and sold to pharmaceutical companies for use in the production of urokinase. Experts say the samples are relatively healthy because the students are young, and the specific conditions of the samples need to be verified by professional organizations. Let's learn about the extraction method of urokinase.

Urokinase manufacturers for you to introduce the extraction method of products

  Step 1: Collect the specimen. After filling the plastic bucket with urine, store it in a cool place.

  Step 2: The PH value of urine should be adjusted below 6.5. Special attention should be paid to the fact that samples are easy to deteriorate in summer, and phenol should be added to urine specimens to prevent deterioration.

  Step 3: Each collection of specimens must be processed within 8 hours.

  The fourth step: the specimen shall be precipitated. The temperature of the specimen shall be kept below 10 degrees Celsius, and then the PH value shall be adjusted to 8.5 after using sodium hydroxide. The two shall be stirred evenly and left for one hour, and the supernatant shall be extracted with a rubber tube after precipitation. At this point the PH will acidify to around 5-5.5.

  Step 5: Add the acidified urine in proportion to the pre-treated diatomite for adsorption.

  Step 6: Wash the diatomite adsorbent with cold water (5 degrees Celsius is appropriate). When the water from the diatomite column drips out from the clear and muddy, the collection of urokinase can begin.

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